Friday, January 31, 2014

Pride Vs. Karma

People do or don’t do things based on their pride. Their beliefs of what is right or wrong dictates their choices. Some people have to swallow their pride in order to do things that need to be done, but some do not. They hold their pride with their heads held high. All of that could also be said about karma, after all it is the outcome of choices we all make. Or is it? Is my question. They either swallow/accept that karma might come or hold their heads high/know that karma will come. Or they might just not believe in karma at all. I'm not sure if I do.

I've seen, experienced people and their pride but as for karma, I'm not so sure that I have witnessed it at all. I have watched people with no pride at all do some very awful things and yet they live their life the way they want. They have what they want, do what they want and well enjoy it too. Which just infuriates me. As for people who hold their pride close, make the right choices, do what they believe is the right thing, don't get to live their lives the way they want, nor do what they want and yet their happiness is withheld.

I could never swallow my pride and yet I'm paying the price. So for the ones that don't have pride why are they not paying the price? Where is karma? If it is in reincarnation that karma happens, then where is the justice in this life, where is the pay off? And what happens if reincarnation is not even real, then what?

'Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.' It was said throughout history as for the origins who knows, but it asks the question; If they swallowed their pride and committed a crime why do they have a fortune if karma was real? This is just one mini subtopic in this topic, think of how much more there is.
I could write on this for pages, but the base is this: Do you believe in pride (yourself) or karma (some others belief)??? Can you even put pride against karma?

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